Hello. I’m a writer, antenatal educator and birth companion, and this is the place where I spout off about all things birth related.



4 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey Kedi, just added your blog address to my ‘Likeminded Blog’ list on my blogspot, dont know if you are planning to put up any links but if you do, maybe you fancy exchanging? Some great posts here, will signpost my new doulas your way too!
    Adela x

    • Hi Adela,
      I am still finding my way around WordPress. Exchanging sounds great – I will just have to get head around how it’s done. Links sound good (within reason…)
      Thanks for signposting. I have just got onto Twitter, too.
      Kedi x

  2. Hi Kedi,

    I was very excited to see you’d started a blog and so far, it doesn’t disappoint! I look forward to some more 🙂


  3. Hi Kedi, I just stumbled across you linked from someone else’s blogroll! Small world 🙂

    Jen (ex-Babyworld)

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