Genie’s out of the bag, a follow-up

I have been thinking a lot about yesterday’s post, and I would like to tinker with it. But I’m not going to – I’m going to leave it up, as is.

But my conclusion is this. The obstetricians and the lawyers and the insurance men got the caesarean genie well out of the bag.

Now the tables have turned, and more and more of these people are becoming concerned about the ever-increasing rate of caesarean.

The problem is, it was they who pedalled the lines that caesareans were necessary for all sorts of complications in labour. And they certainly did not speak out when they heard yet another woman assert that they or their baby would have died if they hadn’t been rescued by the man with the green scrubs and the scalpel.

This behaviour led us to where we are now… and sure as hell they’re going to have a battle on their hands persuading the public that a lower caesarean rate is acceptable and safe.

But it’s a battle I hope they win. Good luck all.


~ by Kedi Simpson on June 20, 2011.

One Response to “Genie’s out of the bag, a follow-up”

  1. excellent as always Kedi. Thanks.

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